Pass the wine

Motherhood is HARD. I mean, it's amazing and fills me with so much more joy than I ever thought possible. But at the same time, waking up before 5.30 for months on end, then preparing entertainment to keep a little boy amused for 5 minutes whilst I make breakfast, then fighting said little boy who … Continue reading Pass the wine


The sleep conundrum

I've collected a vast quantity of beakers over a year as I tried to encourage Squeak to drink water, then cow's milk. They served mainly as elaborate items to be thrown at the cat. I searched high and low for the perfect beaker, read endless reviews, listened as another health visitor told me how he … Continue reading The sleep conundrum

My Terry Nappy Story

I was the person least likely to opt for reusable nappies. Yet I did. Why? The answer is easy. It wasn't because I was especially environmentally conscious, or because we were on a money saving mission. It was ultimately because Squeak appeared to have particularly powerful bowels and I was left flabbergasted by his exploding poos. Every item … Continue reading My Terry Nappy Story